Donkey goes nuts when he gets a squeaky toy — The video will crack you up!

Most farm animals are friendly and playful in nature, and the donkey from the video below is not an exception.

Namely, this sweet animal loves playing with toys, and that includes bouncy balls, inflatable unicorns, and a lot more.

However, his all time favorite toys are the ones that produce squeaky sounds.

The owner of this donkey, Debbie Schluterman, never fails to amaze her followers with plenty of cute videos of her four-legged companion having fun around the yard.

This time, she posted a video on TikTok of her donkey receiving a rubber chicken and it’s safe to say that the animal’s reaction is beyond adorable.

Once it spots the toy, the donkey comes running and grabs it in its mouth making repeated squeaky sounds as it squeezes it over and over again. He then proceeds by throwing the toy and running to it to get it again.

“That’s a big puppy you have there,” one person wrote jokingly.

To see the excited donkey go to the video below.

It will definitely make your day.

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