Elderly man secretly filmed waiting for his wife at airport with chocolate and flowers

Here’s your feel-good public service announcement for today.

Romance isn’t dead – it’s just been stuck waiting at the airport with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers!

Over 60 million people have fallen in love with 80-year-old Bernard Mills as he was filmed patiently waiting to surprise his wife at the airport with an armful of goodies.
Like the smooth operator that he is, Bernard came prepared to woo his 75-year-old wife, Carol, with a box of chocolates, some pretty flowers, and of course – that dashingly handsome smile.

Even with all the other colorful background characters dotting the concourse, there was no way that Carol could possibly miss picking this fine gentleman out of the crowd.

Let’s be real though – she only had eyes for him anyways, which made it easy to zero in on her casanova crush from the moment she arrived.

And thankfully for us, their sweet embrace was caught on video by a woman named Valerie Jane. When she saw the excitement building on Bernard’s face, she knew something amazing was about to unfold.

“As I was waiting to get onto the bus at Van Nuys Flyaway, I notice this old man standing with roses and chocolates in his hand waiting for his wife to come from the airport.”

“This shows the epitome of love. My heart melted and it showed me that this kind of love exists. Hopefully, these two lovely people who are in the video can see this.”

After the video was uploaded to YouTube, it was reposted to Facebook by social media influencer Chris Perry, and from there it went viral.


It instantly captured the hearts of millions on the internet.
And who can blame them? It shows us that true love still exists when you’re not constantly bouncing from one dating app to the next.

At first, no one even knew the identity of the adorable duo until Bernard’s granddaughter, Cherisa Fleming, came forward and proudly informed Buzzfeed News they were members of her family.

“My grandfather is such a sweetheart – not just on special occasions, but every day. He adores all of the women in his life, especially his wife!”

You might think that because of their age Bernard and Carol have been happily married for decades, but nothing could be further from the truth.
They actually met on the dating site eHarmony in 2010 after both of their spouses of 50 years passed away.

As for the couple’s now-famous airport meetup, Carol had been gone for two weeks for a wedding in Delaware, and Bernard told Inside Edition, “It was the first time we had been separated.”

He must have really missed his wife because he kissed her not once, but THREE TIMES in the span of 30 seconds!

Bernard laughed about their sudden internet fame and told FOX News, “I felt it was unrealistic how so many people would be interested in what was going on in an airport that seemed so insignificant, but obviously everybody loves.”

As for Carol, she told Inside Edition she only had one question: “What’s viral?”

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