Grandma finds out she’s moving in with her grandson and reaction is breaking and melting hearts

Matthew Stewart has shown how much he loves his Grandma Bobbe (or GB for short).
The feelings are completely mutual for the 87-year-old too!

While the pair are undoubtedly close, there’s a certain video that’s melting hearts.
This past October, Matt surprised his grandma with an incredible gift that put her in tears.

It all started when they drove past a construction site where a house was being built.

The Destin, Florida residents are behind the popular social media accounts captioned “GB and ME.”
On TikTok alone, the lovable grandma-grandson duo has gathered more than 2.9 million followers.


It’s not surprising though, as their videos are entertaining, uplifting, and pretty darn funny.

That’s because GB isn’t just a sweetheart – she’s got an amazing sense of humor too!

There’s no doubt that Matt and GB have a blast together, whether they’re hanging at home or dancing in the car. Seriously, how cute is GB?

Matt takes his GB on a lot of car rides. But one time, he had a surprise up his sleeve…


In the video, they’re parked in front of a house that’s being built.

Turns out, it’s their future home, with a section of the house just for GB!

Matt begins pointing out all of the features that will be in his grandma’s wing.

He says:

“Your sitting room’s gonna be up front right there, and then you’re gonna have a bedroom in the back.”

GB (who’s looking cute as always) seems shocked listening to the fantastic news.
Matt then shares all of the custom details about her bathroom, including that it will have a high toilet and a “stand-up shower” with a bench.

It’s obvious they thought of everything to ensure that GB would be comfortable, safe, and happy!


The grandma’s so overwhelmed by the surprise that she can’t hold back her tears.
Everybody wants to feel loved and “wanted.”

GB’s heart seems full hearing the plan for her to move in with them. But Matt, of course, wouldn’t have it any other way!

He later wrote on Good News Movement’s Instagram page:

“It meant the world to be able to show her our new home! I can not wait to actually move in to it and have her with us! I know we are all VERY excited. She was there for me in the past for the toughest time of my life and now I get to take care of her in the final years of her life. I’m very blessed! .”

So, was she on board for the big move?
Those construction workers better take on some double shifts, because GB was ready to call it their home! Not only was she on board, but GB would move in with her family that day if she could.

She says:

“I’m packed and ready to go!”

She double-checks that they can’t move in really soon.
Unfortunately, the house needs more work before the family can actually live in it, and it’s expected to be done in January. S

urely GB and Matt will be counting down the days together!

He tells her:

“It’ll be here before you know it. You’ll be living with us. It’ll be our happy little family.”

The video of Matt surprising his GB has been lifting people’s spirits.
One Instagram user wrote:

“So awesome. The house. Her. You. Her hat and glasses. All of it. ♥️”

Another person commented:

“Love watching you guys. Thanks for sharing this positivity the world could use more ”

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