Man attempts to break into 82-year-old woman’s home and ends up in the hospital

What would you do if you were home alone one night and a stranger started pounding on your door?

Now imagine this is the case, but you are an elderly grandmother.


That’s exactly what happened to 82-year-old Willie Murphy when she was settling in one night to her Rochester, New York home.
Willie was home alone, preparing for bed when someone started knocking on her front door yelling that they were hurt and needed an ambulance.

Uncertain of the situation, Willie did not open her door but instead called the police and let them know an injured person was on her stoop.

It’s a good thing she didn’t open the door as the man was not injured, just drunk and wanting to cause a disturbance.
After a few minutes on the phone with first responders, Willie heard her front door being broken open… the man was now in her house.

While she admits to being scared, she’s an elderly woman living on her own after all, Willie didn’t let that stop her.

The grandmother, who is also an award winning powerlifter, picked up a table and proceeded to beat the man with it until it broke.
After she discarded the broken table, Willie wasn’t done with the thief yet, she used the metal legs of the table to beat him with, then emptied a bottle of baby shampoo onto his head so he couldn’t see what was happening.


She also jumped on him a couple of times for good measure; the man remained on the floor and Willie kept vigilant watch on him until the police arrived.

When police finally did arrive, Willie was fine, it was the thief who needed medical attention.
“So they (the police) come in,” she said, “and he’s already laying down because I had really did a number on that man.”

The next day, when she visited the local YMCA where she worked out, her friends had heard about her night and wanted all the details.

Willie, who can deadlift 225 pounds, told them all about her harrowing evening the night before.
A longtime friend of the woman said, “I probably weigh close to twice as much as her and I wouldn’t want to tangle with her. Don’t mess with Willie!”

Some people were so impressed with the grandmother that they wanted to take selfies with her.


Though it came in handy when protecting herself and her home, Willie says she does weight training for herself.
She does it to help keep her feeling young and healthy.

Just months before the incident, the woman had won first place, and other awards, in her division during the World Natural Powerlifting Federation Championship.

In 2014, she had also been named “Lifter of the The Year” for winning gold in the deadlift, power curl, and bench press competitions.
Willie certainly is a tough old woman who can protect herself, her home, and her family from any threats they may come under.

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