«No one believes she is a mother of 4!»: Lively showed off her perfect figure shortly after giving birth

How is it possible to have a body like this when you are a mother of 4?

Blake Lively showed her postpartum body and left the followers speechless! 😱🫢

However unbelievable it may seem, this talented and successful American actress is 35 and already a mother of four adorable kids.

People keep wondering how one can have such a perfectly shaped body while having four children.

«It’s illegal to look so hot at 35!», «The nanny is taking care of the kids while she is enjoying her time on vacation», «How was it even possible to return the former body shape just within several weeks?», «She has no equals!».

«Beautiful in any way and shape», «The only star in the industry I will admire forever!», «I even had to double-check whether she is a mother or not!».

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