Senior walks 12 miles home from job not expecting co-workers to buy her car

A heartwarming tale unfolded when a 60-year-old FedEx employee was summoned to the office of her colleague, Josh Lewis.

Unbeknownst to her, Lewis had been secretly raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign to help her acquire a new car.

The revelation of this kind act brought the 60-year-old woman to tears.


For three months, Darlene Quinn, the 60-year-old FedEx worker, had been walking a 12-mile journey home from work.
Despite the distance, she never grumbled or complained.

However, her dedication did not go unnoticed.

Lewis, along with his boss, had been observing her and decided to lend a helping hand.

Initially, Lewis and his boss offered to drive Quinn home.

After some persuasion, she accepted their offer.

This gave them a chance to understand her situation better.

Quinn’s car had broken down three months prior, and due to financial constraints, she couldn’t afford to repair it.
Instead, she chose to walk home from work, while a friend drove her to work each morning.

Touched by Quinn’s resilience, Lewis felt compelled to assist her further.


He set up a GoFundMe account in her name and, thanks to the generosity of a hundred donors, he was able to raise enough money to purchase a new car for her.

The following day, he invited Quinn to his office and surprised her with the news, which overwhelmed her with joy.

“There’s a lot of people in this community that love you and care about you,” Lewis told Quinn in a video he shared on Facebook.

He continued, “You have inspired so many of us to do great things, about going to work and supporting ourselves, and do what we have to do.”
According to Lewis, Quinn, who works the 4 am shift, had become a familiar sight to locals who saw her walking home from work every day.

Although Quinn chose not to share her story personally, she entrusted Lewis to narrate it on her behalf.

She expressed her gratitude to the hundred contributors who made it possible for her to own a new car.
In addition, two local businesses, who preferred to remain unnamed, offered her free oil changes and tire services as required, making it easier for her to maintain her new vehicle.

Lewis, in a candid confession on Facebook, admitted that he wouldn’t have been able to help Quinn if he hadn’t received assistance from his friends a few months prior.

He shared that he had found himself in a difficult situation, needing furniture for his apartment and a vehicle.
His friends, whom he hadn’t seen in 11 years, came to his rescue, and this act of kindness inspired him to pay it forward.

Such acts of kindness remind us that there are still people who genuinely care for others.

They restore our faith in humanity and inspire us to extend our help to those in need.

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